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Stock Symbol: T-PH_X
Company: Tanaris Power Holdings, Inc
Short Term Target: 0.5
Trading Date: Fri, Jul 24, 2015
Price: $0.05

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Ticker Symbol: T_P_H_X
Company: Tanaris Power Holdings, Inc
Trading Date: Wednesday, July 22th
Short Term Target Price: $1.2
Closed yesterday: .05

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Tanaris Power Holdings, Inc (T_P H_X) will boost 1.4 billion of iphones!!! T_P H_X should be the new Samsung. They have announced the coolest highest baterries! Huge news today: Tanaris Power Holdings, Inc acquires 7 hardrock properties in Canada! Purchase T_P H_X Monday before it grows into Samsung!

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Short Term Target Price: $1
Date: July 14th
Traded as: B_WP_C
Last Trade: 0.09



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Target Price: 4.80
Last trade: .57
Tick: A-G HI
Date: Tue, July 14th, 2015

Updates Inside!!! This Company Has Breakout Potential!

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