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Important: EWORLD COMPANIES INC. is a great deal for a buyout. A real enterprise like Virgin Media could be the one, the share value might climb to $2. You can profit lots if you acquire it @ .07 Monday! Real news are coming on Monday, so get E_W-R C before the takeover.

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CRGP initiates massive acquisitions ppc explodes up 38%!!!

Calissio Resources Group Inc (CRGP) announces important news now and more significant prs launching on Monday!!! I call target price of $1.60 rightaway. You would receive thousands upcoming week if you get it upto $0.23!

Trade CRGP on April 13.

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Gas field is hot. My freshest winner is SN_XG!!!

It might be the hottest stock in current biofuel field. Traders are greedy for bargains matching SN_XG always upto .17 to capture huge profits. Purchase SN_XG on Mar 23 Rightaway!!!

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